The Impossible Studio is an interactive media studio that creates unique augmented reality experiences for live events. Enhance the show and make it even more interactive!

Music is a unique experience in itself and we want to enable people at shows to immerse themselves completely into the mood, feel and meaning of a song. We believe that technology, especially Augmented Reality, and music paired together organically can create the most breathtaking experiences accessible to everyone.

AR for live events

We want to utilize people using their phones during live events to give them access to more engaging and unique experiences.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality is a technology which overlays digital computer-generated visuals to reality, using smartphone's camera. It helps enhance an experience, adding augmented content to static images, specific locations, and chosen objects.





We worked on a project at the Centre for Digital Media with Vancouver-based indie band Belle Gam, collaborating to create an interactive AR experience around their song "Yuh" for their album Fear/Nothing.

To learn more, check out our project video

The team

Julie Puech

Co-founder, Head of Creative and Tech

Julie is what, in digital media, we call a unicorn. She has a multidisciplinary skill set that ranges from graphic design to interactive media development, and her last (and lasting) obsession is Augmented Reality. Her curious mind is what led her to move to Vancouver from Toulouse, Southern France and start The Impossible Studio. She likes to pretend she is the weirdo of the team - and let's be honest, she is ! (and she really likes aliens ! *wink* see the logo *wink*).

Marina Bertoldi

Co-founder, Head of Business and Marketing

Marina is an entrepreneur at heart! Her passions are marketing, business strategies and innovation. She started her first business at the age of 19 and loved the experience of wearing many hats, working with people from different backgrounds and creating something new from scratch. Her drive comes from pushing the envelope, creating experiences for people to connect and thinking outside the box. She speaks fluent sarcasm and is a professional binge watcher.

Julie and Marina met during their Master in Digital Media degree in the beautiful city of Vancouver and joined forces to change the world of live events! They combined their complemental expertises to bring innovation to music concerts.

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